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AASU Celebrates Native American History Month

Savannah, GA–On November 7, Armstrong Atlantic State University celebrated the heritage of the Native American Nation. Invited performers Will Moreau Goins and the Eastern Cherokee, Southern Iroquois, and United Tribes of South Carolina, presented "Native American Songs, Storytelling, and Artifacts" in honor of Native American History Month. The event was sponsored by AASU's Division of Student Affairs.

The performance began with a Native American lullaby sung by Goins, who introduced the other performers and gave a brief histroy of the tribes they represented. The first dance was the traditional women's dance, which featured two women stepping lightly in a continuous circle to show their respect for nature and the cycles of Mother Earth.

The event concluded with a performance of the hoop dance, a more contemporary social dance that is about sixty to seventy years old. The hoop dance features a male dancer fitting himself through multiple hoops and arranging them to form a variety of patterns. The more modern styles of dance, such as the hoop dance, demonstrate that Native American artistic expression and culture continues to expand. Other dances performed were the men's traditional, hunter, grass, and fancy or war dance.

Goins has performed, danced, and choreographed in opera, operetta, musical theatrical, and concert performances at the National John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, Detroit’s Chene Park Musical Theater, the Pennsylvania Center for the Performing Arts, and New York’s Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.

November 7, 2001


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