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AASU to Present 2001 Faculty Service Awards during Commencement Ceremony

SAVANNAH, GA–– Armstrong Atlantic State University will present awards to five of its distinguished faculty during the fall commencement ceremony on Saturday, December 15. The awards are being presented to the faculty in recognition of their distinguished service to the university, the community, their disciplines, and to teaching and learning. The ceremony will begin at 10:00 A.M. in AASU's Alumni Arena and is open to the public.

Armstrong Atlantic President Thomas Z. Jones and Interim Vice President Sara E. Connor will present the 2001 faculty awards to the following distinguished professors:

The Award for Distinguished Service to the University will be presented to Keith Douglass, Department of Psychology, in recognition of his tireless efforts to improve the university. A demanding and highly effective teacher, Douglass is a leader among faculty and a vocal advocate for faculty and student rights. Recently, he encouraged these groups to be mindful of their power to effect positive change within the community. During the past thirty years, Douglass has served on AASU's Executive Committee and two years as interim department head of the Department of Psychology. He also has held appointments on innumerable other committees and task forces.

The Award for Distinguished Faculty Service to the Community will be presented to Evelyn Dandy, Department of Early Childhood Education, for her outstanding service to the local community and beyond. As director of the Pathways to Teaching Program, Dandy has used her academic expertise to increase the number of highly qualified minority teachers in the public schools. She also is an active participant of Savannah Youth Futures, the Governor’s Education Reform Commission, the Georgia Association of Educators Governing Board, and numerous other community and state boards and committees. She has received several academic awards and honors, and her program receives significant funding through state grants.

The Alumni Service to the Discipline Award will be presented to Mark Burge, Department of Computer Science, for his significant contributions to the discipline through research and scholarship. Burge has published four books and has presented more than twenty-four journal articles at refereed conferences. This year, he won a grant from the University System of Georgia to work with Skidaway Institute of Oceanography and Hagenberg Technical University in Austria to internationalize Java software. He also received a grant from AASU for his research on ear-based biometric recognition.

The Award for Distinguished Service by a Part-Time Faculty Member will be presented to Bette Jo Krapf, Department of Psychology, for demonstrating outstanding service to the students, the university, and the discipline while teaching at Armstrong Atlantic. Krapf is an active member of AASU’s Alumni Association and is involved in a number of state initiatives to serve children with special needs. Her contributions to the various departmental activities and her dedication to her students also have made Krapf a valued member of the psychology department.

The H. Dean Propst Award will be presented to Sabrina Hessinger, Department of Mathematics, in recognition of her extraordinary commitment to her students and their success. Students have described Hessinger as "compassionate and knowledgeable," "encouraging," "enthusiastic," "energetic," and "fair." She is known to hold extra study sessions, extend her office hours, and to continue to advise students throughout their time at AASU. Students find her extra involvement on campus and her commitment to scholarship inspirational. This award is presented to a full-time faculty member who has been outstanding in teaching and learning, advisement, counseling, and the encouragement and support of student involvement in academic and co-curricular activities. A recipient is selected each year by AASU's Student Government Association.



December 14, 2001


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