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Academic Fictions, Frictions, and Factions: Working off Steam in the Groves of Academe

SAVANNAH, GA— Armstrong Atlantic State University will host a lecture on Academic Fictions, Frictions, and Fractions presented by Richard Nordquist, professor of English and Director of the General Studies program, on March 27. The lecture will begin at 12:15 PM in AASU's University Hall in Room 156. It is free and open to the public.

Nordquist will examine several contemporary academic novels and the satiric truths they might reveal about professional jealousies. Among the novels under consideration will be David Lodge's Small World, Michael Macone's Foolscap, and Jane Smiley's Moo.

The lecture is part of the 2001-2002 Robert Ingram Strozier Faculty Lecture series at AASU. The series provides a forum for Armstrong Atlantic's professors to report on original research, investigate subjects of special interest, and present classroom lecture topics that deserve a wider audience. The series also offers an opportunity for members of the local community to discover and share the assets of the university that lie beyond the classroom.

For further information about the lecture, call 961.3173 or visit www.nt.armstrong.edu/FLS.htm.



February 26, 2002


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