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AASU Now Offers Master’s in Adult Education

SAVANNAH, GA——The College of Education at Armstrong Atlantic State University has received approval from the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia to begin offering a Master of Science in Education for Adult Education with specialization in human resource development or in literacy education.

"The need for skilled and competent teachers, trainers, facilitators, coordinators, and planners is on the increase nationally and in Chatham and the surrounding counties," said Patricia Coberly, professor of middle and secondary education at Armstrong Atlantic. "AASU has responded to this growing demand by creating a graduate-level degree program in adult education."

Graduates of the program will be qualified to serve as instructors and /or managers in human resources and/or adult education programs in both the public and private sectors. Adult education instruction takes place in a variety of institutions: schools and colleges, businesses and industry, churches, hospitals or counseling facilities, and in social, judicial, and political organizations.

The southeast Georgia communities are "teeming with private and public agencies and corporate entities that are in need of hiring professionals with this advanced training," said Coberly.

Adult educators are those who teach, facilitate, or coordinate educational activities for adults. The master’s program in adult education will be the only one of its kind offered at the senior institution level in the university system. Applicants must have completed requirements for a baccalaureate degree from a regionally-accredited institution.

The launch of the new program addresses specific issues relevant to the Armstrong Atlantic’s mission and its five-year strategic planning initiatives.

"AASU will continue to meet the needs of the changing workplace," said Thomas Z. Jones, president of AASU. "Adults are being asked to continually update their skills and knowledge. This program will summon adult educators and human resource professionals to meet this challenge in southeast Georgia."

The new program will offer technology-based course delivery through distance learning and web-based technology. These capabilities will allow the program to reach out to the eight-county service region that stretches from Savannah to Camden County.

Employment for adult educators is expected to grow faster than average for all occupations through the year 2006, as the demand for adult education programs of all types continues to rise. The program’s focus on literacy education and human resources is unique in this region. It will also provide needed learning opportunities for a culturally diverse population of adults and for those adults with disabilities.

Scholarships are available to eligible graduate students. They include HOPE Teacher Scholarship, the Regents Opportunity Grant for Graduate and Professional Students, The Edward McGuire Gordon Educational Trust, and the Boyd Graduate Scholarship. Federal Stafford loans, graduate assistantships, and part-time employment opportunities are also available. For more information about these and other scholarship opportunities, contact the Office of Financial Aid at 927.5272.

Applications are now being accepted for gaining admission to the master’s degree program for the fall term. For more information, contact Patricia Coberly at 961.3070


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