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Standing (left to right): Ryan Smith (biology), Stephanie Craig (biology), Karen Lubeck (graduate, physical therapy), Jarrett Walsh (chemistry), John Bakken (mathematics). Kneeling (left to right): Speros Liveratos (biology), Kate Schimizzi (graduate, physical therapy), Mia Turner (chemistry). Not pictured: Whitni Davidson (biology), Jin Lee (chemistry)

AASU Names Winners of Seventh Annual Research and Scholarship Student Exhibition

Savannah, GA—Ten students from Armstrong Atlantic State University were recognized for their winning projects at the Seventh Annual Research and Scholarship Student Exhibition. The students submitted the six projects selected to receive awards by the AASU Research and Scholarship Committee. Twenty projects were entered this year by undergraduate and graduate students.

The Student Government Association donated $200 awards for the five undergraduate student projects. A $400 award was donated by the Graduate Student Coordinating Council for the graduate student project.

The following students received awards for their research and scholarship projects:

Stephanie A. Craig and Ryan Smith (Judy Awong-Taylor, faculty advisor, biology). Degradation of Chromosomal and Plasmid DNA and the Potential for Transformation of Competent Cells.

Whitni B. Davidson and Speros G. Livierators (Judy Awong-Taylor, faculty advisor, biology). Comparative Survival Studies and Plasmid Stability Between Genetically Engineered and Wildtype Strains of E. coli in a Polluted River System.

John R. Jenkins (Sabrina Hessinger, faculty advisor, mathematics). On the Computation of Groebner Bases of Ideals in k[xm1, xm2, …,xmn].

Karen H. Lubeck and Kathryn A. Schimizzi (Ann W. Thompson, faculty advisor, physical therapy). Personality Types of Physical Therapy Managers and Staff Physical Therapists in Large Hospitals in Georgia. (Graduate project)

Mia Turner and Jin Lee (Steve Weiner, faculty advisor, chemistry and physics). Synthesis and Specificity of Novel Substrates for Dipeptidylpeptidase.

Jarrett Walsh (Delana Nivens and Will Lynch, faculty advisors, chemistry and physics). Isolation and Purification of Quercetinase, a Copper (II) Containing Dioxygenase Enzyme.

The exhibition was sponsored by the Student Government Association, the Graduate Student Coordinating Council, the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, the dean of the College of Education, the dean of the College of Health Professions, and the dean of the School of Graduate Studies.

January 15, 2002


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