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Probe College Fairs Help Students With Important Decisions

Savannah, Ga. -- The Office of Recruitment at Armstrong Atlantic State University will participate in the Savannah Probe Fair to be held on October 24 from 6PM to 9PM at Oglethorpe Mall. PROBE is the college fair tour that attracts representatives from educational institutions to shopping malls, civic centers, and high schools throughout the state of Georgia. Approximately 45,000 Georgia high school students and their parents will explore the options of post-secondary education this fall at one of the many PROBE Fairs.

The typical PROBE FAIR consists of two to three hours of browsing time for students and parents. Topics such as financial aid, housing, programs of study, admission requirements, scholarships, and campus life are discussed with the representatives.

Last year, more than 250 private and public colleges and universities, technical institutes, and ROTC programs participated in PROBE.

For more information, contact your local high school counselor or Bill Smith, PROBE executive director at 770.663.8652.


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